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My Fascination With Rocks And Rivers



Whenever I shoot landscape I am always drawn to subjects that have water and rocks. I like the movement of water and the silky look that long exposure produces. I also like the textures that we find in rocks they are rich in details and often in colors.


Here is a first example of a picture I captured in the Parc National de la Gaspésie while I was walking a trail. I used a tripod and a combination of an Hoya ND 8 filter and a polarizer to keep the reflections in the water and capture the rich colors available in the bed of that stream. The picture was taken at ISO 100, 0,5 s. at f/18. I kept  my post-processing to a minimum by adding a bit of saturation in the river bed and added some texture in the rock formation. I finally finished by sharpening with Nik Sharpener Pro. The result is very pleasing and looks natural.

The next picture was taken the same day as I progressed in the trail. I came upon a river that was pack with rocks and the water flow was very low compared to spring. It was the perfect time to take my boots off and position myself at the same level as the rocks. Once I figured where to put my tripod, I took 3 exposures with a compensation of 2 stops and processed the file with  Photomatix. You can see why I like rocks and water

During the rest of that week I also visited another Park in Gaspésie called Forrilon National Parc. I also practice and experiment with HDR and really enjoyed the rest of my trip. I will probably go back in a few years to visit other parts of this beautiful region of Québec. Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

By the way, I am weary of bears when I walk in trails alone, signs like the one in the next picture are nothing to reassure me but it won’t prevent me from continuing to capture the beauty that nature has to offer. it’s me on the right with a friend and I figured that if that day we were going to have an encounter with an hungry bear he was going to have a big snack and it was not going to be me.

Michel Nadeau

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