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What am I, A Painter or a Photographer

Painter or Photographer

Every time I stand in front of a nice painted canvas as a photographer, I start to dream that I am a famous painter that can make masterpieces that people like and admire. Someone who can through his exaggerated vision take a piece of the universe and transform it in such a way that reality and dream are almost the same. His Masterpiece  brings to whoever contemplates them  a feeling of joy an inner peace.

Photographer and Artist

Unfortunately I will never bet a famous painter but I still feel that as a photographer I have in me the fiber of an artist. My camera is my brush and software is my canvas. I think that I can express with these tools my own vision of the beauty that this world has to offer me. Photography is not only about technique and gear it’s about feelings and vision. A Photographer is also a painter and an artist. Here is an example of my vision and of what I find extremely beautifuf. I hope you will enjoy my way of seeing this amazing world.

Aspen Leaves

Colorfull Aspen Leaves

Colorful Aspen Leaves

My camera is my brush and software is my canvas

Maple Leaves

Dreamy Maple Leaves

Maple Leaves

Maple Leaves Tapestry

If your a photographer reading this post don’t let no one tell you that only techniques and rules will make you a better photographer or artist, follow your heart and do use whatever tools & means you think will help you express your photographic vision.

You don’t take a photograph, you make it. – Ansel Adams


Photographer’s Take Your Brushes And Start Painting

See my original post about these 3 pictures and you will understand why I say “My camera is my brush and software is my canvas” You can also see larger versions of these files on my flickr photostream
Michel Nadeau

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Weekly Picture Story – Lets Leave The sunset Is Over

Let’s Leave The Sunset is Over

Sunset chasers, you will like this article. On a photo vacation trip to Newfoundland my daughter and I decided that we would try to shoot a sunset. Out of the 10 days we where there, we really only had two nights that were ideal for sunsets and one of them was close to a village called Trout River, its a beautiful small rural fishing village located on the southern coastal edge of Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. In this small fishing village there is a boardwalk where people gather to enjoy beautiful sunsets over the water.

Me and my Daughter – The Sunset Chasers

So I said to my daughter let’s go there early so we can scout a good location for sunset on the boardwalk. Lots of people started to show up close to sunset time and the boardwalk filled very quickly and many pictures were taken by everyone in a short period of time. As the sun went down close to the horizon, more people left and just has the sun had completely disappeared and vanished my daughter turned around and told me ‘‘ Let’s Leave The Sunset Is Over ”  everybody is gone. I looked at my daughter and told her, wait its when the sun disappears and that everyone leaves that the real show begins. Your about to see what amazing sunsets looks like.



Trout River, Newfoundland Sunset

The Best Sunset is about to happen!

For the next 15 minutes, the skies magically transformed and offered the very best colors that heaven can ever offer. Isabelle my daughter told me later that she now understood that sometimes patience is the best tool in the hands of a photographer. She also took some fabulous sunset pictures that evening and we shared them and talked about them when we got back to our cottage. Here is a good advice the next time you shoot sunsets.

” Its When Everyone Leaves That The Sunset Show Begins ”


You like sunset pictures here are more great sunset pictures to look at

Michel Nadeau

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Famous Photographer Weekly Quote – Yousuf Karsh

Michel Nadeau

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Weekly Picture Story – Homeless And Alone By Himself

homeless person

Homeless And Alone By Himself


Homeless And Alone By Himself

This Picture Story came about a discussion I over heard yesterday about homeless people. Two individuals on a street corner starring at an homeless person stated quite loudly that  ‘’Homeless People are failures and are in the streets by choice’’. This discussion kind of bothered me at that moment but reminded me that I once use to walk downtown Montreal and took pictures of homeless people. That day when I came back home I looked and found this picture I had taken 35 years ago of a lonely man sitting on a bench with is only belogings in a plastic bag at his feet.

Homeless People are there by choice

Who in their right mind can quote such a thing like ’Homeless People are there by choice’’. Tell me if someone, one morning, gets up and decides to be a failure and a reject of society. Have you ever heard someone say, I would rather be homeless, uncared, unloved, rejected, poor, suffer and become mentally ill. There are a lot of reasons why people become homeless, economic issues, domestic violence, mental illness and addictions just to name a few. Has an example, would you rather choose to become homeless or continue to be abuse at home. Regardless of the reasons why they have become homeless that does not give us the right to look at then and call them lazy, cowards and failures.

Frankly, I think that the two individuals having the discussion that day are the ones that where the failure. We must as a society and individuals have at least  an once of compassion left in our hearths. Has the human race, we are part of a hole and we should be responsible for caring for each other, the poor and the mentally ill. Helping the weak, believing in them, listening and giving them the push they need to get theirs lives back to normal is a noble cause.  This is what should drive all of us. I am not pointing the finger to anyone or  the society but rather asking myself, what can I do as an individual to change any of this. Not trying to help and make a difference, would be in my own eyes a real failure.

Homeless And Lonely Man

I will always remember the feeling I had that day when I shot the picture of this homeless and lonely man sitting on a bench by himself. Was he wondering about his life, family or children’s, was he wondering if his lot of worries, pain, sadness and fears were ever going to come to an end. Was their light at the end of the tunnel or hope of better days ahead. Nobody will never know what was going  in his mind.

Photography is a wonderful medium to bring to our attention the condition of the human race. It can be an eye opener powerful enough to move us into action and show the best of what the human race is capable of.  I hope,  that sharing this picture story with you gave you a chance to reflect on the topic of the homelessness and suffering. Photography is a powerful tool of communication, it give us the ability to reflect on our own lives and the values that we want to live by.

To me this picture was worth a thousand words!

Michel Nadeau

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Famous Photograher Weekly Quote – Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson Quote
Michel Nadeau

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Weekly Picture Story – My First Iceberg

The Joy Of My First Iceberg

In July 2011, my daughter and I had the chance to spend 10 days in the beautiful province of Newfoundland.  She had told that she would like to join me for a photo holiday that I had planned on my own. She also wanted to learn a few tips in photography and she thought that it would be fun to join me on that trip. So we planned the trip and decided that we would spend some time in the Gros Morne National Park of Canada situated in the Western Coast of Newfoundland.

We had a wonderful time in the park, took many pictures along the trails we hiked and enjoyed the amazing scenery of the Tablelands. We had rented a cottage and every night we would talked about the day we spent and shared the pictures we took that day. As we progressed in the trip my daughter was wondering if we could see some Icebergs in late July so we informed ourselves and we decided that we would drive to the Northern tips on the West Coast to go shoot some Icebergs. I was not really interested in Iceberg but I figured that I would go along and make her happy. So we went and drove for 6 hours to get to St-Anthony. On our way we stopped a few times places and shot some nice scenery.



But the best part was to come, has we got to St-Anthony we decided to go see a small village called Plum Point apparently their was a few ones close to the shore. You should of heard my daughter as I went up a hill and all of a sudden this big Iceberg jump out of the scenery ahead of us. The joy and the smile in the face of my daughter was worth a million dollars. We found a parking spot and walked closer to admire this big chunk of Ice that you can see behind her.

I have to admit that the first time you see one it’s instant admiration and joy. We spent two days and took an Iceberg cruise with Northland Discovery Boat Tours and enjoyed the discovery of more Icebergs.  If ever you have a chance to go to a place where you can see Icebergs, do so, you will never regret a minute of it. You will understand what I mean when I say the joy of my first Iceberg. Thanks to my daughter Isabelle for being with me for that very special moment. That smile on her face was the highlight of the trip to Newfoundland. BY the way Newfoundlanders are the proudest and friendliest people in Canada, they made a convert out of me. I will surely go back to the rock it’s now in my blood.


If an Iceberg Catches Your Attention, Shoot It

Michel Nadeau

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Weekly Picture Story – Take Me Home | grafitti

Take Me Home Grafitti

I like sometimes to walk downtown Montreal and take pictures of graffiti on buildings, monuments, and walls. some of them are really artistic and the creators are full of talent. I have always wonder what drives people to do graffiti.

I guess for some of them they think it’s cool and for others it’s a way to defy authority, express their views or a form of artistic self-expression. But I think in many cases it’s to express their anger, despair, frustrations, hurt and if I can say, a cry for help.

The picture that follows made me think a lot about the person who wrote these words “TAKE ME HOME“. To me that person was suffering and through these 3 simple words was sending a cry for help. I’m not a vandal, get me out of this place I’m hurt I would rather be with you home and I miss you. Makes you wonder what he meant.


If it Catches Your Attention, Shoot It

Michel Nadeau

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