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Visit To The Valley Of Fire State Park


Valley of Fire State Park

Valley Of Fire

Jean Lafontaine shooting in the Valley of Fire

Had a chance to spend a day in the Valley of Fire National State Park in Nevada with some of my customers. We had a great day at admiring and photographing this beautiful area. I was hoping that the desert was going to be in full bloom but we were a bit early so maybe next year I will show up when the desert is in full bloom.

The scenery is just incredible and breath taking and the beauty of this place is that it’s only a 45 minute drive  from Vegas and the fees are $ 10 per car quite affordable for such a great place to visit.

If you are a landscape photographer this place is a must. The park is open all year. Valley of Fire State Park is six miles from Lake Mead and 55 miles northeast of Las Vegas via Interstate 15 and on exit 75.  CONTACT the park at 702-397-2088 for more information or email to vof@mvdsl.com.


Shooting In Good Company

Hooting the Valley of Fire

Jean Lafontaine Trying to convert Joe to Nikon

I had the chance to spend the day in good company with Jean Lafontaine and his son Samuel from Photo CDM and Alain Berthiaume from Photo ABS, we are all in the photo business so it was fun to do some shooting rather than selling gear.

During the day we made some stops to take pictures of the red sandstone formations, formed from great shifting sand dunes during the age of dinosaurs. The weird part of the day was that we met people that we know very well such as Jean-François O’kane from Montreal that appeared out of nowhere and Joe Todd from Forest City Image Center and Harry Mac from Downtown Camera. These encounters were really fun, who could imagine to meet people from home. Look like the park was invaded on that day with people from the photo trade. It says a lot about independent photo retailers they don’t only sell boxes they are also great lovers of photography and avid shooters. We did not see anybody from Best Buy or Future Shop that day shooting pictures.


The Valley Of Fire Road

The main road  that crosses the park was designated as one of the 19 Nevada Scenic Byway on June 30th, 1995 and is worth the drive. The landscape is incredible and its a photographer’s heaven. From the sandtone formations to limestones, sand dunes and rock art (petroglyphs) your visit will be worthwhile.

Valley Of Fire

Nevada Scenic Byway – Valley Of Fire


 More of the pictures taken that day at the Valley of Fire


Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire


Valley Of Fire

Valley of Fire


Valley of Fire

Samuel Lafontaine in quest of a great Image


Valley of Fire

Jean-François O’kane in the Valley of Fire


Valley of Fire

Alain Berthiaume walking the valley of Fire

In conclusion it was a great day despite that both Jean and Samuel tried to convert me to Nikon we had a fantastic day together, The discussion went from  gear usage to rules of photography, social media and business in general, the pact that we made not to talk about business did not last long, what do you want we are all passionate about the photography business.

Thanks Jean, Samuel and Alain for a great day in your company it was a privilege and an honor to spend that day in your company. Keep spreading the passion of photography this is what differentiate us from big boxes. Hope you enjoyed this small post. Now let’s see your pictures, are they still stuck in your Nikon’s menus? maybe I can help.

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Great Places To Visit – Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon National Conversation Area

If you have a chance to be in Las Vegas you must visit The Red Rock Canyon. It is situated at about 20 miles for the Strip and it is fairly easy to get to. You can get information when you arrive at the visitor center or if you prefer take a peek at their website – http://www.redrockcanyonlv.org/


Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon Scenic Drive

It’s not callled the scenic drive for nothing, if you limited in time you can still take the 13 miles Scenic Drive and enjoy the spectacular view of the Red Rock Canyon. You will have a chance to stop and see some fantastic view points like the Callico area, High Point Overlook, Ice Box Canyon, Pine Creek Canyon just to name a few.


Callico Hills - Red Rock Canyon

Callico Hills – Red Rock Canyon

Hiking Trails at Red Rock Canyon

There is plenty of trails available with a level of difficulty that vary from easy to strenuous. This will give you chance to see more that the scenic drive and get closer to spectacular sandstone escarpment and the beautiful Joshua trees, plants and animals living in the park. If you like rock climbing this is the place to be. I saw may  climbing during my short visit


Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon


Wildlife At Red Rock Canyon

The park is home to many birds, reptiles and mammals. If you are a bird lover you can see Red-Tailed Hawk, Say’S phobe, Greater roadrunner, Western scrub-jay, Phainopepla, Cactus wren, Common Raven just to name  few. Rattlesnake, coyote and jackrabbit are also common but are rarely seen during daytime


Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon

I did enjoy my short visit of a few hours to Red Rock Canyon and I will go back. Let’s say that I have considered this trip more like a scouting trip. Next time I will spend 2-3 days and will try to capture more pictures of this spectacular area. If you get this chance to vist this place do not hesitate it’s worth the trip.
Michel Nadeau

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