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Oak Leaves Patiently Waiting For Winter

Beautiful Oak Leaves On The Ground

Walking with a friend in a park I notice some nice Oak leaves resting on the ground. I took a few pictures and away we went to visit the rest of that park. Trying to see what we shoot on the small screen of our cameras is never obvious. You never really know until you open the file and look at them. Those oak leaves were perfect for a little treatment of HDR to pull the texture out. As I was processing the oak leaves files, I could not stop thinking about the fact that these leaves will be gone for ever, they will be covered by snow and will eventually rot and play the role that nature expect from them. Nothing is created and nothing is loss.

Oak Leaves

Oak Leaves On The Ground

Oak Leaves Patiently Waiting For Winter

It is what amazes me about photography, we have the ability to freeze in time what we find beautiful. Just looking at these oak leaves brings back memories of that walk in the park, the aroma of those autumn oak leaves patiently waiting for winter. Every picture has a story worth telling and the ability to bring back events, places and sweet memories even as a simple walk in the park with a friend.
Michel Nadeau

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Weekly Picture Story – Lets Leave The sunset Is Over

Let’s Leave The Sunset is Over

Sunset chasers, you will like this article. On a photo vacation trip to Newfoundland my daughter and I decided that we would try to shoot a sunset. Out of the 10 days we where there, we really only had two nights that were ideal for sunsets and one of them was close to a village called Trout River, its a beautiful small rural fishing village located on the southern coastal edge of Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. In this small fishing village there is a boardwalk where people gather to enjoy beautiful sunsets over the water.

Me and my Daughter – The Sunset Chasers

So I said to my daughter let’s go there early so we can scout a good location for sunset on the boardwalk. Lots of people started to show up close to sunset time and the boardwalk filled very quickly and many pictures were taken by everyone in a short period of time. As the sun went down close to the horizon, more people left and just has the sun had completely disappeared and vanished my daughter turned around and told me ‘‘ Let’s Leave The Sunset Is Over ”  everybody is gone. I looked at my daughter and told her, wait its when the sun disappears and that everyone leaves that the real show begins. Your about to see what amazing sunsets looks like.



Trout River, Newfoundland Sunset

The Best Sunset is about to happen!

For the next 15 minutes, the skies magically transformed and offered the very best colors that heaven can ever offer. Isabelle my daughter told me later that she now understood that sometimes patience is the best tool in the hands of a photographer. She also took some fabulous sunset pictures that evening and we shared them and talked about them when we got back to our cottage. Here is a good advice the next time you shoot sunsets.

” Its When Everyone Leaves That The Sunset Show Begins ”


You like sunset pictures here are more great sunset pictures to look at

Michel Nadeau

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Famous Photographer Weekly Quote – Yousuf Karsh

Michel Nadeau

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Famous Photograher Weekly Quote – Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson Quote
Michel Nadeau

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