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Old Car City Workshop With Mike Moats

The images I Saw In My Head 


Last week I had a chance to attend a workshop with Mike Moats at Old Car City near Atlanta, Georgia. I had a wonderful time at this workshop and in very good company may I say.

Everyone in the group was a skillful and passionate photographer with their own vision. I enjoyed myself so much that if next year there is another one, I will go back for another fix. Mike thanks for the great workshop I will not forget this one.

Old Car City

Images Are First Created In Your Mind


When I shoot images, I always try to see in my head the final image. I often try to look at something that seems ordinary and see if I can’t to make it into something extraordinary.

Old Car City

Looking at rusty cars in a scrapyard is not necessarily inspiring to a lot of people but it’s what I saw in my head that makes it beautiful to others. As Mike said during the workshop, ” I bet you anything that if you look carefully, every car has something nice to shoot at ”.

Artistic vision is about the images we see in our head. The simplest thing such a s a small leaf or a rusted piece of metal  can become extremely beautiful and artistic if you look at it with your creative vision and style. It goes beyond rules and techniques. It’s about your inner vision and insights, your perception of what you find beautiful or what moves you.

The serie of images that I have placed in the Old Car City Gallery is not what I saw with my eyes but rather what I saw in my mind that could be created to express my vision and style. As they say  ” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ” I did not see only rusted metal, I saw the most beautiful rusted cars in this world!

Click here to see the entire gallery

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I had taking them. Your comments are always appreciated and welcome.


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Weekly Picture Story – Lovely Hats

Lovely Hats


I have decided to write once a week a story about a picture I took and tell you a short story about it. Often I will see something that catches my attention and I usually try to capture it. I saw this display  of hats in Old Montreal has I was walking one of the streets. I liked the colors, textures and the background of that old brick wall of that scene . These hats were almost crying to me ” Bye Me You Would Look Good Into One of These hats ” It’s probably the kid in me that got drawn to these hats. Hope you have enjoyed this short story.



If it Catches Your Attention, Shoot It

Michel Nadeau

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