Finally Kept My Word And Shot That Scene

Today, I new I had about an hour to shoot an area that I have been promising myself to photograph for years in St-Jérôme, QC. Everytime I go by that bridge, I look at my right and see that river surrounded by trees and a bridge at the other end. To me, this scene would make a perfect peaceful dreamy landscape. Well this is exactly what I did this morning, took 7 exposures with a 1 stop increment and processed it with Photomatix 4.2 and re-process it again through Nik Software Color Efex 4.0 with a few filters that I thought would give some sort of a dreamy feeling and look to that scene.

Here is the unprocessed  raw file with the normal exposure

This is the look that I got after processing it through Photomatix & Nik Software.

The result is OK but could of been much better if I had a bit of clouds to create a more dramatic scene. I will go back again until I create the shot that I like and it may not be a HDR shot this time. Many times in the past I have shot subjects and areas that did not please me or satisfied me after my first shoot. I have learned over the years that if you are not satisfied, go back and shoot it again if it is  possible until your are completely satisfied. There is always something new that you will see when you go back, better light, better perspective etc… Finally after that shoot, I drove to that bridge in the scene and took   this very grungy  shot of the river under the bridge. After all I was using my new toy ” Promote Control ” and I had to experiment with it to understand it’s potential and weakness.

Hope you have enjoyed this post
Michel Nadeau

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