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Weekly Picture Story – The Old Wagon Wheel

Wagon Wheel Was Not on My List That Day

I had heard about a new lavender farm close to where I live and I wanted to visit and shoot some lavender flowers while they were still in full bloom. Unfortunately, that day was not ideal as it was very windy and rain was in the forecast. I tried very hard to capture beautiful lavender flowers that day but nothing really came out that satisfied me. Who could have thought that an old wagon wheel was going to be my picture of the day.

The Wagon Wheel by the Side Wall

As I left and was walking back to my car, I noticed an old wagon wheel by the side wall of a building at that lavender farm. My attention was drawn to that wagon wheel and I decided that I would shoot that old wagon wheel and try to make a good picture out of it. Some subjects are just meant for HDR and sometimes HDR technique will give you something out of nothing. So I took two sets of 3 exposures at different angles and decided to go home and work on those files.

Before I started processing these files of the wagon wheel, I looked at the raw files and noticed that the pictures were not very representative of what I had seen. They seemed to be missing, color, contrast and structure just like raw files often do. So I decided to process them with Photomatix and give it a try to see what I would get out of these raw files. I did a few versions and stop when I was satisfied with one of the results. I always try to make on picture that satisfies me when I go on a shoot. My goal is to make a great picture out of ordinary subjects. HDR that day, did just that for that old wagon wheel.

Here Is My Favorite

Old Wagon Wheel

Old Wagon Wheel

You will notice that the raw file on the left does not reveal as much detail and structure as the processed file in Photomatix does. You will agree with me that this subject was a natural for an HDR image. Finally, that day out to shoot lavender was not a total write off, I was able to get one good image even if it’s not what I was going for.

Old Wagon Wheel

Raw File Crop

Old Wagon Wheel

HDR File Crop












Finally That Old Wagon Wheel Made My Day


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Weekly Picture Story – The Montreal Jean-Talon Local Market

I Love Visiting Montreal’s Famous  Local Market

Your local market is a fun place to visit with lot’s of stuff to photograph. I like going a couple of time every summer and fall to the Montreal’s Famous Local MarketMarché Jean-Talon” It is a lively place with lot’s of activity. It has an indoor and outdoor section where you find farmers and growers selling their produce to the general public. I remember as a kid that they also sold some live stock like live poultry, rabbits and even pigs. It is situated in an area call Little Italy and it is a lively area and a landmark in Montreal.

Cherry Tomatos

Cherry Tomatos

A Bit Of History About The Jean Talon Market

The Jean-Talon Local Market was inaugurated in 1933 by the Mayor Houde Camilien. In 1944, the city agreed to lease part of the main building to the Provincial Transport Company, who sells bus tickets towards the city of Laval. A section of the local market is then designed for bus departures and arrivals. The bus terminal for Laval occupied this location until 1961, attracting people in transit the opportunity to stroll the market pending departure.

A lively and Colorful Local Market

This place is a heaven for photographers and there is plenty of colorful subjects to shoot. This local market is well organized, farmers assemble their kiosk with fresh fruit and vegetables displays that entice you to buy on the spot. Many farmers also promote organically grown produces and offer from time to time different crops as the season goes by. Many local farmers will even offer you to taste the fresh products right on the spot.

If you like shooting patterns, textures and colors this is the place to be. Local market merchants are friendly and will go out of their way to serve you in a friendly manner. All around that market you find specialties shops that offer their products such as a the nice Thea House like Camellia Sinensis an essential stop to visit for thea lovers.

If there are markets close to where you live, please take the time to visit them. You will enjoy the people and the opportunity to shoot some great pictures about life at the market.

My biggest wish, is that people will eventually return to their local market and make farmers successful and willing to continue to grow locally, its better for all of us. We should all support our local economy and farmers, its also healthier and its a fun thing to do. Think about these large corporations and supermarkets do they really care about what they sell or what you eat. Many small local farmers work many hours and do this because of the passion for growing organically grown vegetables and also to make a living why not help them. Tell me why it makes sense to by a tomatoes that traveled 3000 miles when you can buy them locally when they are fresh and available.

Here are a few pictures I took at the Jean-Talon Local Market last weekend with my two daughters and my grand son. Hope you enjoy them and that it gives you the desire to visit and support your local market.


Squash Display at Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market


Pear display at Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market

Window Display of Camellia Sinensis The House

Window Display of Camellia Sinensis – The Thea House


Colorful Autumn Chrysanthemum at Montreal’s Jean-Talon Market

Small Boy Waving Back

Elie my grand son waving back to me

Don’t Forget To Visit Your Local Market

Michel Nadeau

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Weekly Picture Story – Lets Leave The sunset Is Over

Let’s Leave The Sunset is Over

Sunset chasers, you will like this article. On a photo vacation trip to Newfoundland my daughter and I decided that we would try to shoot a sunset. Out of the 10 days we where there, we really only had two nights that were ideal for sunsets and one of them was close to a village called Trout River, its a beautiful small rural fishing village located on the southern coastal edge of Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. In this small fishing village there is a boardwalk where people gather to enjoy beautiful sunsets over the water.

Me and my Daughter – The Sunset Chasers

So I said to my daughter let’s go there early so we can scout a good location for sunset on the boardwalk. Lots of people started to show up close to sunset time and the boardwalk filled very quickly and many pictures were taken by everyone in a short period of time. As the sun went down close to the horizon, more people left and just has the sun had completely disappeared and vanished my daughter turned around and told me ‘‘ Let’s Leave The Sunset Is Over ”  everybody is gone. I looked at my daughter and told her, wait its when the sun disappears and that everyone leaves that the real show begins. Your about to see what amazing sunsets looks like.



Trout River, Newfoundland Sunset

The Best Sunset is about to happen!

For the next 15 minutes, the skies magically transformed and offered the very best colors that heaven can ever offer. Isabelle my daughter told me later that she now understood that sometimes patience is the best tool in the hands of a photographer. She also took some fabulous sunset pictures that evening and we shared them and talked about them when we got back to our cottage. Here is a good advice the next time you shoot sunsets.

” Its When Everyone Leaves That The Sunset Show Begins ”


You like sunset pictures here are more great sunset pictures to look at

Michel Nadeau

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