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My First Try at Shooting Sport Photography

Last week, I got an invitation to join a friend and take some pictures of speed skating in a competition with her son. Being a photographer that mostly shoot landscape photography,  I had some concerns about the difficulty of taking action shots because it is not a type of photography that I have practice and that I am familiar with.

Miguel Bérard

During my career as a sales representative at Canon I had a chance to meet and share with great photographers who specializes in sports photography and many have shared with me their photos, their experiences and the difficulty of taking excellent action shots.

I think I got  stung by sport photography last week.

Miguel Bérard

Miguel Bérard

I loved the experience and I am already looking forward to the next opportunity to take more photos of speed skating. What I found difficult was the lighting and the fact that I had to work A ISO 2500 in order to have a fast shutter speed to freeze the subject, the compromise was getting pictures with a bit of noise.  Another challenge is to anticipate what will happen when the subject comes in your viewfinder you can’t hesitate. The autofocus mode selected is very important I experimented with AI Focus and AI Servo mode and I  finally prefered AI servo, it seems to produce more shot in perfect focus

Miguel Bérard

Next time, I’ll try to get familiar with the location and look for the background and all the angles where I could make a picture that’s out of the ordinary. I will also try panning with a lower shutter speed  to create blur and the effect of speed.  At the end of the day the best part was to see the joys in the eyes of some kids when they were give a medal at the end of competition. They were finally recognized for the efforts and sacrifice they did to get on the podium.


Here is a picture of my friend’s son  Miguel receiving his first gold medal.

Miguel Bérard

Miguel, your first gold medal and certainly not the last,  you really have the spirit  of a champion. Your efforts and your sacrifices have finally paid. Now you can dream and think about what the future has to offer you, we are all behind you…..


Miguel say this to yourself and repeat it everyday ” I believe in myself!  Today is my day!  and nothing can stop me now!”

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