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How to save a completely submerged lens in water

Why thinking out of the box sometimes works

Yesterday morning I left early to shoot a small stream surrounded by beautiful green moss. My goal was to capture the water with in the background, the moss and the small plants growing through that moss. The stream was difficult to reach because there was a lot of dead wood and a steep slope. At a certain point I tought that the mosquitos and black flied were going to lift me off the ground. It was really bad but I had no intention of leaving before I did that shot. As I was changing my lens I got a black fly that landed in my left eye and at the same time a mosquito in the right eye. Voila, i drop the lens and when I reopened my eyes it was rolling down to the stream, I tried to reach it but it fell in the stream and it became completely submerged. Boy I was pissed off.

A good friend of mine saved her Canon 7D by putting it in rice and she saved her camera. But by the look of my lens it was pack with water on both side and my felling was that this was not going to work. Having been a rep for 22 years at Canon, I could remember what the service dept would often say ”un-economical to repair” I tried it anyway and at the end of the day I took it out of the rice and it was a bit better but still covered with water drop inside.


She also told me put it in the sun and I did so  for two hours with little improvement. This morning I went to my car to pick-up something and as I opened the door I felt the extreme heat as it was park in the sun. I decided to try it and leave the lens in full sun laying on my dash,  anyway I had nothing to loose. I had tried the lens mounted on my camera after the incident and it would not work or focus. To my big surprise, when I opened the car and look at the lens at the end of the day the water drop had completely disappeared, I could barely pick it up as it was extremely hot.  I immediately rushed upstairs and mounted the lens and it work just fine.

Frankly it taught me a lesson, don’t quit, keep trying you never know the outcome. Thanks Marie-Claude for telling me to try the heat of the sun it work, I just had to increase the heat to get the water to evaporate.. My lens has a few marks because of this incident but after trying and shooting a few pictures they do now show anywhere in my pictures. This may not work in all case but it work for me. Try it you may never know the outcome.

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Weekly Picture Story – My First Iceberg

The Joy Of My First Iceberg

In July 2011, my daughter and I had the chance to spend 10 days in the beautiful province of Newfoundland.  She had told that she would like to join me for a photo holiday that I had planned on my own. She also wanted to learn a few tips in photography and she thought that it would be fun to join me on that trip. So we planned the trip and decided that we would spend some time in the Gros Morne National Park of Canada situated in the Western Coast of Newfoundland.

We had a wonderful time in the park, took many pictures along the trails we hiked and enjoyed the amazing scenery of the Tablelands. We had rented a cottage and every night we would talked about the day we spent and shared the pictures we took that day. As we progressed in the trip my daughter was wondering if we could see some Icebergs in late July so we informed ourselves and we decided that we would drive to the Northern tips on the West Coast to go shoot some Icebergs. I was not really interested in Iceberg but I figured that I would go along and make her happy. So we went and drove for 6 hours to get to St-Anthony. On our way we stopped a few times places and shot some nice scenery.



But the best part was to come, has we got to St-Anthony we decided to go see a small village called Plum Point apparently their was a few ones close to the shore. You should of heard my daughter as I went up a hill and all of a sudden this big Iceberg jump out of the scenery ahead of us. The joy and the smile in the face of my daughter was worth a million dollars. We found a parking spot and walked closer to admire this big chunk of Ice that you can see behind her.

I have to admit that the first time you see one it’s instant admiration and joy. We spent two days and took an Iceberg cruise with Northland Discovery Boat Tours and enjoyed the discovery of more Icebergs.  If ever you have a chance to go to a place where you can see Icebergs, do so, you will never regret a minute of it. You will understand what I mean when I say the joy of my first Iceberg. Thanks to my daughter Isabelle for being with me for that very special moment. That smile on her face was the highlight of the trip to Newfoundland. BY the way Newfoundlanders are the proudest and friendliest people in Canada, they made a convert out of me. I will surely go back to the rock it’s now in my blood.


If an Iceberg Catches Your Attention, Shoot It

Michel Nadeau

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Old Vintage Car Exhibit Photography

Old Vintage Car Exhibit

Old Vintage Car

Old Vintage Car – Rear Light

Last Sunday my Photo Club organized a few photo outings for the weekend. One of them was a visit to an old car show in St-Sauveur north of Montreal. I am not a connoisseur of cars and specially an expert at taking picture of them but I had a riot doing so. The biggest challenge I faced was that the show was pack with people and it was almost impossible to get in a good shooting distance. Also the cars were in direct sunlight.

So I decided that I would make the best of the situation and I started paying attention the artwork of the logos, metal sculptures, grids, shiny bumpers and interiors of these beautiful old vintage cars.

I used my Canon 5D Marl II,  Canon EF 40mm f/2.8 and a Sigma 150 f/2.8 Macro lens, the second one proved a better choice after all. I should have used a polarized filter but the reflections were very desirable in some cases. Next time I go to the next show here are a few things that I will do differently, shoot at the golden hour as light is much warmer and desirable for these classic cars. Use a monopod or tripod  if the show is not to crowded I  will also try to shoot the complete car, wheels and more grills.

Old Vintage Car

Old Vintage Car – Jaguar Crest

There are so many old beautiful vintage cars that are just waiting to be captured. If you have not tried to shoot old cars yet give it a try I am sure you will have as much fun as I had. I am really looking forward to my next car show. For the rest of this post, I will share some of the pictures I took. Enjoy and don’t be afraid to comment if you want.

Old Vintage Car

Shinny Bumper – Old Vintage Car


For all these pictures  the post-processing was done in Lightroom 4.0 where I only slightly adjusted  the exposure. They were then exported to Nik Software and treated in this order.


  1. Define to remove the noise
  2. Viveza to adjust contrast and do some local adjustment with Nik’s famous U-point technology
  3. Finalize them with small amount of sharpening with Sharpener Pro 3-0

Hope you have enjoyed these few pictures. If you want to see the entire crop,of that day visit my:

Old Car Gallery


If it Catches Your Attention, Shoot It

Michel Nadeau

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Weekly Picture Story – Lovely Hats

Lovely Hats


I have decided to write once a week a story about a picture I took and tell you a short story about it. Often I will see something that catches my attention and I usually try to capture it. I saw this display  of hats in Old Montreal has I was walking one of the streets. I liked the colors, textures and the background of that old brick wall of that scene . These hats were almost crying to me ” Bye Me You Would Look Good Into One of These hats ” It’s probably the kid in me that got drawn to these hats. Hope you have enjoyed this short story.



If it Catches Your Attention, Shoot It

Michel Nadeau

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Photo Bloggers Here Is A Great Tool ”BLOGLINES”

As a buyer in photographic equipement for the largest group on independent retailers in Canada and also a passionate about photography, I do a lot of research on photographic equipment, techniques and trends. If you are like me and you like photography and appreciate reading blogs of famous photographers, product reviews and anything that relates to photographic arts, Blogliness is the tools you might be looking for. It is free and it will help you manage and aggregate web, blogs, news feed, press release and audio in one simple friendly manageable area. You can be picky and only choose the things that you are interested by. You can actually import your subscriptions if they are in the OPML format. You can even read all the comments of your own website through your bloglines account if you want.

Consult their FAQ page to answer any questions you may have

Here is a screen capture of my own private page so you can see what it looks like.


This has become my homepage where I start my day with a fresh cup of coffee and great info on photography. If you have other interest why not aggregate them on BLOGLINES.

Thanks to RC Conception for sharing this great tool on Kelby training
Michel Nadeau

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Why Taking Pictures Should Be Important To You

Why Taking Pictures Is Important

Yesterday my family prepared a surprise party for my 60th birthday. To get me out of the house and keep me from finding out, they ask my son in law to organize a fishing trip with him and my grand son. Of course who could resist to a such an invitation. So early I went with my grand son to Canadian Tire to buy him his first fishing rod.


We pick a nice one and as we went by the rest of the isle, his eyes fell on a flashy Spyder-Man fishing rod in the rack. Needless to say that my perception of a good fishing rod and his perception are two different things. I wished at that very moment that I had a camera with me to capture the sparkles in his eyes.


Taking Pictures To Record My Memories

This is what photography is all about. it’s not only about gear, techniques, how much of a professional photographer you have become, getting paid for the work you do or getting recognize as a guru in the field of photography. it’s first and for all about memories, special events, feelings and emotions. Look at the eyes of my grand son with his first catch. This can’t be reconstructed in our own memories as well as an image will do it in time. Taking pictures to record my memories are important to me and I have not found a better way to preserve those important moments in my life. Those pictures captured yesterday were about life and it’s precious moments. I am glad that I took my camera to record that event in pictures. If later in life all I have are those rich memories recorded on pictures, then I will be the richest man on earth.Thanks Elie and Marc for that special day we had yesterday. I had a wonderful day with you on our little fishing trip.

Ask yourself a question, how important is it for you to preserve memories? It’s in the very ordinary events that our memories are constructed. How many of us have heard a song on the radio that instantly brings us back to an event or a specific emotion that is pleasant to remember. Pictures are the same, here is my advice, keep taking pictures and print them so you can store them in albums, frames, slide-shows, or books it’s the best way to remember and share those important moments of your own lives. You will be happy later that you took the time to record your very own story in pictures. it’s never to late you can start now.

Anonymous Quote About Pictures & Memories

Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment 

until it becomes a memory

Michel Nadeau

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Beautiful Discoveries Of Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge chasing with Michel Beauregard

Had a chance to go and chase a few covered bridge with my friend Michel Beauregard Saturday in and around the Province of Quebec. He had told me that he had the GPS coordinates of a fall in Plaisance, QC he wanted to have a look at. I was glad he did, here is a photo of those falls I took Saturday it was a beautiful discovery. I will go back for sure and spend a day around those falls. I am sure that there are other point of views that I did not see. We were there no more than 30 minutes.

Chutes de Plaisance

Chutes de Plaisance

The First Covered Bridge Of The Day

Then we move on to the village of Chelsea to photograh the covered bridge of the Meech creek. This bridge was constructed in 1932 and is one of the rare type called ”Town”  The covered bridge was completely renovated by ministry of transport in 2010. Nestled deep in the Meech Creek Valley, the covered bridge with a length of 19.7 meters is one of the shortest in Quebec. It is accessible via Cross Loop Road and Pine Road and the average flow is 50 vehicles per day. I wish I could of stayed longer at this location. This was the perfect place to daydream laying on my back in the tall grass, watch the clouds go by, listen the the birds singing and just take in nature in it’s purest form.I will surely go back and shoot this bridge in the fall with a different scenery.

Covered Bridge of Chelsea

Covered Bridge of Chelsea – Meech Creek

FInally this is the last covered bridge we visited and this picture was shot by me 2 years ago and process as a single image in a HDR software package. Prud’homme’s bridge was constructed in 1907 and is located on the Diable River, at Brebeuf, in the Laurentians, the elegant bridge Prud’homme is characterized by its long opening just below the roof. Built in 1918 and 45 meters long, it is still open to traffic.

The Bug of Covered Bridge Has Bitten Me


covered bridge

Prud’homme’s Bridge in Brebeuf

Michel Beauregard as certainly been bitten many times by the bug of covered bridges and I think I also felt something bite me during that day trip with Michel. Thanks again Michel for sharing you passion about covered bridges. I had a wonderful day in your company learning to chase covered bridges.

You can see more covered bridge in Quebec by visiting Michel Beauregard Site

Michel Nadeau

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